A Whole Lot of Poetry

The Fredonia Leader is a newspaper put out by the college.  The Leader newspapers that I looked through were from 1914-1915.  These newspapers all have similar attributes of one another.  The item that stood out to me was the amount of poetry in the Leader.  It seemed that every few pages another poem was presented.  These poems seemed to be written by students and featured in the paper.   The poetry was linked with anything from sports to remembering the old academy school.

mfs_jpeg mfs_jpeg

Throughout the Leader were poems that do everything from telling a story, to describing sports activities as well as advertisements.  I felt that ads were the most creative even though some were simple and forced to rhyme or work together.  The advertisements being in rhyme seemed to slow down the onslaught of ads that filled the beginning three pages and the end three pages that replaced the poems.  To the left were the advertisements in poem form, which I feel was cleaver and a good way to get people to read the advertisement.  But when the advertisements by poem were ended and poetry was not used for advertising, the ad space took up many more pages.

mfs_jpegedited mfs_jpeg

Sports also had a spot for some poetry.  The Leader put some poetry about basketball and football before the articles that were about these subjects.  The poems described the game in an exciting way that made me think of the game while I was reading the poems.  Some examples of this sport related poetry is above.

The Fredonia Censor also ran a series of articles about the academy, the normal school, and the new campus lay out.  The academy picture had two poems that expresses a feeling of  remembrance of the academy as well as a poem about the bell of the school which helped people remember the old school. The normal school building was in the paper due to the school moving again to a new location. .

— by Jason Gould


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